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Guide To My Beauty Airlines Lightweight Lashes

My Beauty Airlines
You need help finding falsies! In this blog will go over all of our five lashes and help you find your match. Our fake lashes range from natural, dramatic to voluminous ones. All of our lashes are lightweight and 22mm long. We ensured all of our lashes are cruelty-free. For those who want vegan lashes, we got faux mink lashes as well. Will start with our most natural lashes and work our way up to the voluminous ones.
Tokyo -  most natural lash of our collection. If you’re new to lashes and prefer a natural look Tokyo is the one for you.
London - is the perfect middle ground between a wispy and natural lash. The right combination makes them flawless for both natural or glam makeup.
Toronto - is our wispy lash, the lashes are very flirtatious. Great for a night out with the girls, a date or just yourself!
Tokyo, London and Toronto are all faux mink making them vegan-friendly lashes. These lashes are great for newbies in the false lashes world or if you like more natural looking lashes. If you are here for volume these next destinations are for you.
Mogadishu - is our dramatic wispy lash, it brings your look to a whole new level. These lashes are great for any dramatic eye.
Montego Bay - Our most voluminous lashes. These mink lashes are the whole look, it is all the extra and volume you need.